Create a Makeup Look for Family Get Togethers

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A family meeting is a great opportunity to enjoy good food and reaching with relatives. It is also very likely that many photos will be taken, especially if the members of the family traveled a great distance to be together. While you may want to feel more comfortable and opt for a casual look, it is a good idea to wear makeup to look more pulled together and ready – family photo.

Things that you need

  • The foundation of powder.
  • Concealer
  • The configuration of the powder.
  • Blush
  • Powder or eyebrow pencil
  • Brow gel (optional)
  • Semi matte shade (preferably beige, taupe or plum)
  • Eyeliner
  • Mascara
  • Meat color Eyeliner (optional)
  • Lining board
  • Lip protector

Step 1: skin

Since the meeting lasts all day, it is a good idea to not accumulate too much foundation and possibly opt for a product coverage light that just balances the skin tone. Another option is to use a base powder, which is very easy to play, when necessary. However, if you choose to use powder foundation, keep a hand very lightly, like a lot of dust may seem a little aging, giving the skin a “cakey appearance”.

If you have dark circles or spots, apply the concealer only where necessary. Less is more, especially considering that you may need to go back to playing your makeup during the day, and you may end up with a lot of product.

If you use a product liquid or cream, use a light powder of powder to set your base and mattify skin where needed (such as in the area – t). This will make the base last longer and more beautiful in the pictures. Choose a powder of photo – friendly.


Choose a powder of configuration of photo – friendly. When using flash photography, some cosmetic ingredients, such as silica and zinc oxide, tend to cause a flashback and make skin appear white “spooky”.

Step 2: cheeks

Add a flush natural – looking for your cheeks, adding some blush to your cheeks. Choose colors that match your skin tone and work well with your clothes on. Do not use glow blush, which tend to make the skin look shiny in the picture.

Step 3: eyebrows

Fill the eyebrows, or simply by setting them in place with a gel of eyebrow is very important, as the eyes of the eyebrows can make a big difference in the pictures. If you by the eyebrow is scarce, use a powder or a pencil to fill the gaps, and then brush them through mixing the product and give a smoother appearance. If your eyebrows are, of course, complete, brush them through with a gel of eyebrow.

Step 4: eyes.

Choose the neutral shade that matches your skin tone. Beige, taupes and plums are all great choices, but choose matte or semi matte finishes. Shimmering shadows may seem exaggerated.

If you normally use eyeliner, be sure to keep the fine line and not to ward him very much. You can also smooth patches with a black shadow. Follow with a little mascara, making sure to get at the roots of eyelashes, the illusion of eyelashes thicker. Do not apply more than one coat, then you may want to apply another layer, later, and several layers of mascara can cause peeling of the product under his eyes.


Instead of using EYELINER BLACK in its inner edge, which may make throughout the day, applies a pencil of eye flesh tones to make the eyes look fresh and awake.

Step 5: lips.

A hydrating formula is an obligation for such an occasion. A frosted drying formula could make your lips very uncomfortable and emphasize the lines. Instead, try to fill the lips with a lining, use it to define and refine the way of your lips and then soften with lipstick added on top. This combination will keep your lips comfortable, guaranteeing the longevity of color.