Travel Pick Up Lines

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You sure you ‘re not a tower? Because Eiffel for you.

You are from China? I ‘m China received its number.

You must be the plague, because I can not help but check out.

You are in the south of England? Cause you to Brighton in my day.

You ‘re Vietnamese? ’cause I’ m falling pho you.

Her clothes would look great on my Florence.

Allow me to Du Bai you a drink?

Norway is leaving without giving me your number!

I know we just met, but what a bunch of Cairo on you.

You ‘re in Stockholm? Because you ‘re the Swedish girl I have seen.

You ‘re going to India? Because I had the GOA anywhere with you!

You ‘re the United Kingdom? Because I want u, K?

You ‘re in India? Because I ‘m trying in di – one pair of trousers.

Do you mind if I sit down, my heart cause Jamaican fire!

I hope you is not a monk, because I would love to be with you the Tibet.

Are you sure you don ‘t do South Korea? Because I know that you are my partner of Seoul.

I equa – pain you!

Have you ever mozambiqued my interest.

Irish would you go to a meeting with me because you are so beautiful you is Dublin my heartbeat.

It has been so wonderful if you Cayman to my life

You ‘re in Africa? Because you are a girl of vagrancy.

This does not look like a lonely planet, if I were with you.

I am the dream of Havana on you.

Bali know each other, but I Jakarta take my eyes off of you!

Hello, Hanoi ‘EC to meet him. ” Ha long are you coming here?

You must be in Paris, why are you leaving me in the Seine.

Who needs a map when a can Rome freely in those beautiful eyes?

Belize, honey, I ‘m gonna Peru “V” my love for you in Costa Rica.

You are Australian? Because it is to meet all of my koala initials.

The way that our eyes were Interlaken, I knew it was you.

What took you so long? I ‘ve been Kuwait – ing for you all my life.

Do you have a room that I can Bora Bora?

I want to call my mom and tell her that I just met the girl of my dreams.

You exceed your visa? Because you have ‘good’ written all over it.

You are a Jew? It causes Israeli hot.

You ‘re in Japan? Because Udon knows how much I love you.

If you were a TSA agent, would be happy to get a CT scan.

Do not leave me and go to Vientiane, Laos would be without you.

You must be Portuguese because I could Lisbon to that accent the whole night.

I want to turn his Ipswich, Andover. Andover again.

This may not be the India, but from the moment I saw you, I felt as if I was in Lucknow.

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