How to Create a Pretend Makeup Kit for Kids

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Children love to play with any makeup that they can get their hands on, but all you do is turn the red face. How do you like it when they use their imaginations, makeup can be complicated, expensive and difficult to remove. It would not be good to let their little use these products without the hassle? That ‘s where this pretend makeup kit comes! To create the illusion of cosmetics, lipstick to blush, Bronzer to shadow when you fill in boxes of low cost supplies false, colorful. Your kids can still play wear, but you need not worry about what ‘s going on their faces or sticks to the ground.

Things that you need

  • A variety of makeup cheap: lipstick, shadow, blush, bronzers and enamels (shops in the dollar and access corridors are all great places to find them)
  • Strips of foam peel and stick
  • Brushes, makeup
  • Brush sponge craft
  • Paints crafts (for lipsticks and nail polish)
  • Acetone.
  • Paper towels
  • Sandpaper
  • Paint, brushes
  • Scissors
  • Container for storage.

Step 1: shadows, blush and Bronzer

Empty all your boxes of makeup using a butter knife. Use a toothbrush for cleaning the dry boxes out of the pit. Then take the sheets of foam shell and beam in desired colors and press the box against the foam to obtain an impression of the forms you need. Cut shapes, remove the protective coat and press the foam to the spaces in the box. You can also use hot glue to make forms even safer.

Step 2: make the nail polish

Empty your glaze spilling it all away. Then, using enamel remover of acetone on the bottle and let it dry. Using a paint craft choice, pour a few drops of the bottle. Cover the hole with a paper towel and the finger and shake until the ink covers all the surfaces of the bottle. Turn the bottle upside down on a paper towel and let the whey in excess to the outside.

Then dip the brush of the enamel painting crafts and let it dry in the side of the bottle. When you are ready, will look like the bottle is really full of polish to their children put on her fingernails.

Step 3: make the lipsticks

By rolling the lipstick tubes, break the lipsticks and throw them out. Clean the bottom of the tube with a toothbrush.

The wooden handles the craft sponge brushes are the perfect size for these lipsticks false. Cut in about 2 inches. Then, wipe the rods against the screw at an angle so that you can get the same inclination of a lipstick. Once you have a slight inclination, rub sandpaper lightly around the stick around to make sure that there are no rough spots or chips as possible.

Use paint craft and a brush small to give each stick some coat colors are desired. Then, put them in boxes empty lip balm to keep them in an upright position when dry. When you are ready, use a point of hot glue at the lower part of the box to join the “lipstick” holders.

Step 4: make a tube of mascara

To create the mask, remove the stick container and pull out of the top of the funnel. Use the brush to remove the contents of the bottle. When you got most of it out, let the bottle open and allow what is left to dry for a day. Then replace the piece of the funnel clean and brush.

Step 5: complete set of makeup.

Combining all these fun pieces of makeup with a matrix of brushes, sponges and clear Lipliner pencil makes the full game!

You can put it in a fun organizer (as used for this project, and then see how your kids have fun doing your own makeup!